Paul Sinclair left bible college in 1989 to serve and train in Kensington Temple, London. He was seconded to pastor a small congregation who didn’t own a building in Willesden, Brent. For five years, until ordained, he served in both churches and at the Kensington Temple Bible College. He also preached in Nigeria, South Africa, Norway and a number of other places.

In 1996 Paul was dubbed The Faster Pastor by Bertie Simmonds in Bike Magazine during his attempts to not only buy the Willesden Church building they met in, but the William Hill Bookmakers next door as well. After almost thirteen years, with both properties purchased and transformed, Paul relocated to the middle of England and launched Motorcycle Funerals Limited.  Alongside this he continued to serve in local churches as well as an itinerant minister.

In 2018 his mission his main goal to see Coton Green’s 6:00pm Service grow and make a serious impact for the gospel.